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Our Story

At Criswell, we believe that what’s good for the earth can be good for your home. That hardwood furniture and hardwood forests should both be passed down to the next generation.  When we’re not crafting furniture in our Amish Country woodshop, there’s a good chance you’ll find us in the woods of our farm, among trees our family has planted. 

Raw Lumber

Premium Timber
We buy logs from select regional suppliers months in advance.

Lumber Order
Hand-Selected Boards
Lumber is collected for each furniture set to ensure color consistency. 
Lumber with markings
In-House Milling
Pieces are cut to length or glued into panels and marked for a specific project. 



From Tree to Tremendous

It starts with a tree in an Appalachian forest. A native hardwood prized by American furniture makers. For decades, it was shaped by the seasons. Today, it is selected for harvest. And soon, it will make its way to the hands of the woodworkers at Criswell.

For three generations, our family has built a tradition of responsibly using hardwood from the nearby Appalachian region to craft fine bedroom furniture. We take pride in knowing that our pieces will endure well beyond the time needed for new trees to grow. But the true key to our success is what is happening back in the forest.



Where a mature tree was harvested, new saplings now stretch to fill the void. The cycle begins again. We believe these beautiful materials deserve better than mass production. That's why each piece of Criswell furniture is crafted for a specific customer, allowing us to prioritize quality at every step.  


Dovetail joints

Built To Last
Dovetail joinery is used to give strength to our drawers and to connect bed slats to side rails for superior support.  

Applying finish

Durable Finishes
Each component is thoroughly sanded and finished for lasting beauty and protection.  

Installing drawer slides

A Perfect Fit
Precise installation of hardware and drawer slides enhance the beauty and functionality of each piece.  



Eco-Friendly Bedroom Furniture

Sustainable furniture may be more in fashion now than ever, but for Criswell, it's what we've always done.

Did you know that the United States has more forests today than it did a century ago, and the annual hardwood growth rate surpasses harvest by 70%? Our nation's forests now produce a semi-load worth of dry lumber every 14 seconds, and 1.7 billion new trees are planted each year. Since 2007, Appalachian forests have expanded by 300,000 acres.

In addition to using sustainable materials, our Amish workshop works to minimize energy use. Our workers and many of our supply partners reside within our community, reducing travel and shipping needs. Sawdust, our primary byproduct, will be used as horse bedding on nearby farms and then spread on the fields as natural fertilizer.  


Waste Not

Sawdust and wood chips are packaged for local farms to be used as animal bedding.
Hidden Jewelry Compartment

Special Features
Criswell Furniture features many special details such as hidden jewelry compartments. 

furniture in warehouse

Made To Order
Furniture sets are kept together throughout the build process to ensure quality and consistency. 



Quality At Every Step

Just as it takes many seasons for a tree to reach maturity, Criswell woodworkers take their time to bring out the beauty of hardwood furniture.

From drying and milling our materials to applying the finish, we take a hands-on approach throughout the process. Our furniture sets are made-to-order, allowing us to keep the unique character consistent across each piece. Components are stained individually to ensure complete coverage, and rugged drawer slides provide years of smooth operation.

As important as the workmanship is the design. We’ve developed collections to complement any style, and our many custom options will help you create a space where you can lay back and feel at home.